Tier One

Pick one meat two sides rolls, and sauces
BBQ pulled pork
BBQ chicken leg thigh quarter
BBQ pork loin
Smoked turkey
BBQ jack fruit vegetarian option

Tier 2

2 meats, two sides rolls, tea, lemon aid

Smoked brisket
Pulled pork
Chicken Quarters,
Hand made sausages
Burnt ends
Braised pork belly
Smoked pork ribs

Tier 3

choice of 1 meat 2 sides one salad and
tea lemon aid

Stuffed pork loin ham and cheese
Guniess braised beef chuck roast
Smoked salmon
Grilled ribeye
Grilled tender loin
Bourbon pork chops
Black berry glazed chicken
Honey chipotle pork chop
Beef ribs glazed honey bourbon

Steamed mixed veg
Baked beans
Potato salad
Cole slaw
Broccoli salad
Pasta salad
Dill green beans
South western corn
Black eyed peas
Fried okra
5 cheese Mac and cheese
Cheesy hominy and green chilies
Ranch beans
Black beans chilies and tomato
Roasted mixed veg
Yogurt sauce over tomato, cucumber, and red

Scalloped potatoes

Corn on the cob

Salad options

Green leaf Salad iceberg mix
Spring mix salad
Grilled romaine lettuce Cesar salad
Pear vinaigrette in season only
Honey mustard
Honey vinaigrette
House ranch
Thousand Island
Apple vinaigrette
Honey black pepper corn vinaigrette

Dessert options

Peach cobbler
Berry cobbler
Straw berry pie
Blue berry pie
Chocolate pie
Pecan pie

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